Monday, July 20, 2009

July - Committee of the Month

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee selects WASFAA members for suitable recognition for outstanding service to both the Association and Financial Aid Community at large. The awards are given out at the Spring Conference. The Committee is chaired by the most recent recipient of the WASFAA Outstanding Service Award.

The following is a list of the annual awards determined by the Committee: Outstanding Service; Special Recognition (optional); length of service certificates; retiree recognitions; and to coordinate with the current President on the Committee of the Year.

This year’s committee is chaired by Bev Faga. The current committee members include Kristin Hallman, Karyn Graham, Mary Jo Green, Sharon Hunter, Sue Minzlaff and Triena Bodart.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sad News

The father of Todd Smith, Chase Bank, has passed away after a long illness. The visitation and funeral for Arnold Allen Smith will be held tomorrow and Friday, respectively, in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Showing Thursday, July 16th, 4-8pm at GH Herrmann at 5141 Madison Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana.FuneralFriday, July 17th, 11am at Emmaus Lutheran Church at 1224 S. Laurel St. Indianapolis, Indiana. A showing will take place from 10am-11am.)

A plant has been sent on behalf of WASFAA. Please keep Todd and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Correction - Highlights of the 2009 President/Executive Committee Retreat

Sorry to Lynne Siewert.

Her name should be spelled Lynne Siewert and her correct email address is

Highlights of the 2009 President/Executive Committee Retreat

The 2009-10 WASFAA year is well underway! The Executive Committee recently held a retreat at Carthage College where they learned more about how the association operates, what is expected of them, our financial situation and each other.

The highlight of the retreat was a brainstorming session in which the Executive Committee identified our Association’s short-term (1 year) and our long-term (5 year) goals. The idea behind this was that we don’t want to simply survive as an organization, we want to flourish. In order to be as transparent as possible, I have listed those goals below. While they certainly represent a new way of strategic thinking, we are confident that we can achieve these goals due to the strength of our membership. I encourage all of you to share any ideas you might have with us. Please visit our website at to meet your elected and volunteer leaders. (Officers and Committee Chairs are also listed below.)

Thanks to strong leadership, we have overcome many challenges over the past few years. However our profession will continue to be challenged. Whether it’s the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), the Higher Education Reconciliation Act (HERA), the Ensuring Continued Access to Student Loans Act (ECASLA), or the President’s recent budget proposals, these are truly transformative times in student aid.

I can assure you that the leadership of WASFAA and the Conference Committees will be working hard this year to represent the needs of our students, keeping you informed of important regulatory updates, and giving you the tools necessary in order to provide exceptional customer service to the students you serve. I hope you too will join us in this adventure!

1 Year Goals

♦ Follow Robert’s Rules of Order
♦ Sustainability; looking at real numbers; what is our financial picture; running simulations based on lower membership and no corporate support; assess the buying power of our school members
Website redesign to insure functionality and relevance
♦ Encourage more people to volunteer to serve on the Executive Committee
♦ Redesign business meeting; more formal presentations; educate members on what’s going on
♦ Archives/better record keeping/communicating goals of WASFAA/improve association governance/smooth transition of leadership
♦ Handbook update/understanding roles/look at time commitments
♦ Create a manual/handbook for each position on the Executive Committee
♦ Provide members an online payment option
♦ Social networking websites to communicate information\improve communication
♦ Higher Education Day participation

5 Year Goals

♦ Getting a handle on all of the college access programs in the state. What they are, what their functions are, and how does WASFAA fit into that.
♦ Conference location guidelines/resources/survey members on needs and formats
♦ Start MASFAA 50 year anniversary planning in October 2012/WASFAA’s 45 anniversary
♦ Keep conferences relevant\One conference versus two\alternative training options\survey members about what they want out of the association
♦ Understand committee priorities and functions
♦ Evaluate role of leaders/is our organizational structure appropriate and meeting our needs/do we need more help?

Steven Schuetz
Ripon College
(920) 748-8185

Lloyd Mueller
Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

Mark Levine
(414) 229-4819

Secretary (2010)
Louise Janke
UW LaCrosse

Treasurer (2010)
Dawn Scott
Carroll University
(262) 524-7297

Treasurer-Elect (2011)
Janice Riutta
Gateway Technical College
(262) 564-3072

Member At Large (2010)
Linda Loeffel
Wisconsin Lutheran College

Member At Large (2011)
Steve Taylor
Concordia University Wisconsin
(262) 243-4392

Member At Large (2011)
Cheryl Van den Berg
Oneida Nation of Wisconsin
(920) 869-4038

Member At Large (2010)
Lynne Siewart
UW Madison

Lloyd Mueller
Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

Association Governance
Lloyd Mueller
Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

Bev Faga
Herzing University
(608) 663-0811

College Goal Sunday
Debbie Murphy
(608) 576-8560

Triena Bodart
UW Milwaukee
(414) 229-2404

Conference Site Selection

Sharon Hunter
(715) 842-0871

Michelle Hermes
Ripon College
(920) 748-8371

Corporate Donations
Mary Jo Green
Mid-State Technical College
(715) 422-5504

Sue Minzlaff
(414) 229-2554

Database Manager
Karyn Graham
(608) 262-2697

arly Awarness & Outreach
Bonnie Dockry
(715) 836-3171

Kari Gribble
Edgewood College
(608) 663-2305

Virginia Nuske
Menominee Tribal Education
(715) 799-5110

Fall Conference
Sue Minzlaff
(414) 229-2554

Jo Woodward
(651) 485-3261

Federal Issues
Wendy Hilvo

Cardinal Stritch University
(414) 410-4044

Ben Dobner

Dawn Scott
Carroll University
(262) 524-7297

Joe Kauffman
Northeast WI Technical College
(920) 498-5465

Loan Concerns
Wendy Hilvo
Cardinal Stritch University
(414) 410-4044

Jill Nett
Sallie Mae
(262) 966-7451

Vicky Gack
Ripon College

Heather Stein
(414) 277-7222

Lloyd Mueller
Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

Lynne Siewart
UW Madison

Personal Information Coordinator
Margaret Zitzer
Marquette University
(414) 288-5265

William Henderson
(877) 248-3961

Donna Dahlvang
UW Superior
(715) 394-8393

Margaret Zitzer
Marquette University
(414) 288-5265

Professional Development
Debbie Duff
Mount Mary College
(414) 256-1258

Kathy Peterburs
Cardinal Stritch University
(414) 410-4089

Cheryll Steinke
(608) 263-8653

Bob Mercer
(262) 595-2559

Spring Conference
cky Gack
Ripon College

Corey Givens-Novak
Lakeshore Technical College
(920) 693-1118

State Issues
Corey Givens-Novak
Lakeshore Technical College
(920) 693-1118

Student Employment
Jennifer L. Young
Edgewood College
(608) 663-2237

Submitted by Steven M. Schuetz, WASFAA President

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Congratulations to Dawn Scott, Director of Financial Aid at Carroll University! Dawn gave birth to twin sons on Friday, June 26th. Eli Thomas Scott (4 lbs. – 1 ounce, 15.5 inches, 2:04am) and Graham Edward Scott (3 lbs. – 1 ounce, 15.5 inches, 2:06am) will continue to stay in the hospital for a little while, but are doing well. Dawn will be in the office until her sons come home and then will be on maternity leave. Congratulations again to the Scott family!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello WASFAA Members

Welcome to the WASFAA communication blog! For those of you who don't know me or need reminding, my name is Margaret Zitzer and I'm WASFAA's Personl Information Coordinator (PIC). One of the goals that came out of last week's WASFAA President's/Exceutive Committee Retreat (more information will be coming soon regarding this retreat) was to increase communication between WASFAA members. It was suggested that a Blog would be a great way to improve communication and when I left the room to visit the restroom, it was assigned to me!

As WASFAA's PIC, I acknowledge, on behalf of WASFAA, life changes for WASFAA members. For example, if a WASFAA member gets married or has a baby, I would send a gretting card and/or a gift card from WASFAA. But I can only acknowledge life changes that I know or hear about. Please email ( the name, home address and the type of occasion that you would like me to acknowledge. Or update the blog with this information.

We will also be sharing other information on this blog, such as highlighting different committees, or outlining short term and long term goals for WASFAA. As soon as I figure out how to get pictures off my phone, I will also share a good picture of Steve Schuetz at 1:45 am in the basement of the dorm at Carthage College during last week's Thursday night's tornado warning. Yes, they woke us up and we had to go down into the basement.

Take care and talk to you soon. Margaret